We had a wonderful party on the Saturday night of Halloween weekend. Tons of people came over.


Everyone was generous and we raised over $650 for the Lambi Fund – to help with huricaine recovery in Haiti.

Thank you to everyone who got into the spirit of the holiday and dressed up – it was a lot of fun.

Thank you to all who brought goodies to the party and to those who were able to make a donation.

See you (or your alter-ego) next year!


Summer is here!

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 7.32.25 AM

Summer is here and we¬†are enjoying some pleasant Wednesday dinner’s on our back deck. Never wanting to adhere to the regular “norms” of others, here’s a view looking up from the deck of our natural tree canopy that offers much appreciated shade in the summertime.

We have now found out 11th housemate to move-in on Sept 1. Stay tuned for updates on our recent changes at the CCC!

At our house retreat last weekend, we had fun and explored the ice-covered Lake Winnepesaukee. It was a lot of fun. This is a “groupie” shot.


We are looking for a new housie – to start 5.1.15!

If you know of an interactive community-oriented mindfully gregarious clean-kitchen-loving and witty kind of person looking for a new place, let us know!

Take a look at our Join page. You can find our application there.



The House now has a big Jenga-like toy where you try to build a tower by taking parts from the lower levels and stacking them on to the top. It’s fun!


Hello Everyone!

We are celebrating our 50th Anniversary on July 13th.

We’d like to invite all the cooperative people we can find to a pot-luck dinner at our house at 6pm. We will be cooking up a storm, so if you can’t bring anything to eat, you’ll still be fine. It will be vegetarian and there will be options for diet-constrained folks. But if you like to bring food to events because you love to cook and share, by all means, that is the “luck” part of the pot-luck so thankyee kindly and we’ll have a special place at the table!

At 8pm, we’ll have a jam band musical extravaganza, so bring your instruments, too.

Then, around 9 or so, we’ll try to have a dance party. Of course, it might start earlier, or it might start later. But at any rate, that’s the intention.

Please email us at cambridgecoop@gmail.com if you are interested in attending and we can give you our address. Thank you!

See you soon,

The Wombats!


Above: one of our founders describing how they organized to buy the house 50 years ago!

Thanks, Fred!

We had a lovely time taking a weekend away from the house all together as a group this year for our annual retreat. This time we went to Cape Cod – in Orleans on the outer cape. The house was nice, bedrooms on the bottom and living room / kitchen on the top – with views of the ocean!

We worked for many hours on various things related to a well-functioning cooperative entity. Especially we took time to work on a new “House Norms” document to help us see more clearly the things we expect from each other. Thanks to Yutaka for organizing that.

Nice sunrise on the Saturday morning – coming right out of the ocean!



Thanks to Samantha and Brittany for organizing the whole retreat. It was really a great time. And we even got down to the beach!


Whew! It was still a bit chilly there.



We worked around the living room to discuss issues and broke out into smaller teams to go over some of the terms we were exploring.





Then, after doing a lot of intellectual work, Dan led us in a group harmonica symphony!



Later on, we had a little dance party. That was a really fun time!


Yay for house bonding and getting some good stuff done!