We are looking for a new housemate, to take on membership (and a room) starting January 1st.

We have an ad on craigslist here, and there is a link to our application form there. Interviews will commence in mid- to late October.


We look forward to hearing from all sorts of people who are ready to jump into cooperative living and the relevant responsibilities!


Cooking Up Good Stuff!

Wow! Thank you Ricardo – always great food from The Chef!

Nothing like some fresh paint on the steps:

Our Long-Term Committee (variously called the Loving Space Committee or the Physical Plant Committee in the past) decided to forego a planning meeting or strategy session and just use the time to get stuff done. Some of the trim on the rear of the house needs some help:

Here’s Sarah using some elbow grease to scrape off the flaking paint.

Cora approves our safety protocol:

Tough to see from the ground, but it does really look a lot better. Thank you team!

We in

Watching the Debate:

We gathered around the old electronic hearth to watch the Democratic Debate. It resulted in a lot of hooting and hollering (and also in the room while we watched).

Another great meal!

Housemate Sarah cooked a great meal the other day. We are lucky that we live with very creative people who continue to bring amazingness to our Wednesday Night House Dinner. Thank you Sarah!


We welcome our neighbors and friends to come by and join us*. If you ever hear the conch shell, come and get it!

* Sometimes it is helpful to know if people are coming in advance, so we can plan accordingly…so a quick email or other note is always nice. But don’t let that stop you!

Things are always changing and we are always trying to grow and learn. Nowadays we are engaging with “mobility issues” and looking at accessibility at the house. Recently, some of our “small repairs team” worked on the south side path of the house. There were some bricks being used as edging, about two inches proud to the concrete surface of the path. Our raised beds are on either side of the path.

While the bricks help keep debris out of the path, they also create a bit of an obstacle. Especially since we got the single-stream recycling wheelie bins. They are slightly too wide for the bordered path. Other wheeled devices could also have problems on the path.

So, we agreed to change them. Respect for the hard work to install them many years ago, but the times are a’changin! The project is to remove them by pulling them out (sort of like pulling teeth), and then re-setting them in the gaps at the same level as the concrete of the path. This way, the wheeled vehicles and devices can more smoothly move across.

We still have a little work to do. But that’s par for the course with an old house and lots of people coming and going, living life to the max!


Sometimes someone picks up a flowering plant for the common space in the house. Thanks!